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Children’s Feet

Reach us and get your children feet and lower extremities examined. It’s found that children with strong healthy feet avoid many kind of problem in later life.


During first year of time itself the size and shape of your baby feet change quickly. Too much pressure can affect baby feet as it’s very flexible. It’s important to make your baby feet stretch or allow you baby to kick. Also do take care of their shoes and socks as it should not squeeze the toe or change feet in bad direction.


Do not force your toddlers to walk unless they are ready for it. Always watch his/her steps when your toddlers are walking. If your toddlers toe touches down instead of heel or she always sits while other play, contact foot pain management office to help you.

When foot care is needed

To help with flatfeet, special shoes or custom-made shoe inserts may be prescribed. To correct mild intoeing, your toddler may need to sit in a different position while playing or watching TV. If you child`s feet turn in or out a lot, corrective shoes, splints, or night braces may be prescribed.

The foot`s bone structure is well-formed by the time your child reaches age 7 or 8, but if a growth plate (the area where bone growth begins) is injured, the damaged plate may cause the bone to grow oddly. With a doctor`s care, however, the risk of future bone problems is reduced.

Remember to check your child`s shoe size often. Make sure there is space between the toes and the end of the shoe, Make sure their shoes are roomy enough to allow the toes to move freely. Don`t let your child wear hand-me-downs.


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