Foot Problems

Diabetes and your feet

Diabetes can damage your nervous system and if you have damage nervous system in your legs and feet, you might not feel heat, cold, or pain. In diabetic patient they lose feeling in their feet or hands.

Foot problems are a big risk in diabetics. Diabetics must constantly monitor their feet or face severe consequences, including amputation. With a diabetic foot, a wound as small as a blister from wearing a shoe that`s too tight can cause a lot of damage.

In diabetes patient blood flow is sloe which in turn case slow injury heals. And when injury is not healing in early stage it can turn to infection. You should inspect your feet on daily basis if you are diabetes. Look for puncture wounds, bruises, pressure areas, redness, warmth, blisters, ulcers, scratches, cuts and nail problems.

Do’s and don’ts to taking care of your feet :

  • Do keep your feet warm.
  • Don`t get your feet wet, in snow/rain.
  • Don`t put your feet on radiators/in front of the fireplace.
  • Don`t smoke or sit cross-legged. It decreases blood flow to feet.
  • Don`t soak your feet.
  • Don`t use antiseptic solutions, drugstore medications, heating pads or sharp instruments on your feet.
  • Do trim your toenails straight across. Avoid cutting the corners. Use a nail file or emery board. If you find an ingrown toenail, contact our office.
  • Do use quality lotion to keep the skin of your feet soft and moist, but don`t put any lotion between your toes.
  • Do wash your feet every day with mild soap and warm water.
  • Do wear loose socks to bed.
  • Do wear warm socks and shoes in winter.
  • When drying your feet, pat each foot with a towel and be careful between your toes.
  • Do buy comfortable foot wear.
  • Don`t wear the same pair every day.
  • Do inspect the inside of each shoe before putting it on.
  • Don`t lace your shoes too tightly or loosely.
  • Do wear clean, dry socks every day.
  • Don’t use socks with holes or wrinkles.
  • Don’t use stockings with elastic tops.

If you are facing a deformed feet then it is due to your numb feet. Possible ways can be ulcers. Open sores get become infected early in diabetes. Other problem is bone condition Charcot of foot. This can be one of the worse problems you can face. It warps the shape of your foot when your bones fracture and disintegrate, and yet you continue to walk on it because it doesn`t hurt.

Treatment :

  • Distribution of weight
  • Pressure relieving
  • Cast contact (changed every week or two)
  • Custom boot
  • Surgery (too severe case)

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