Foot Problems

Toe Problems

Information about common toe disorders such as corns, bunions, neuromas, fractures, and other conditions that may cause pain and discomfort.

Get information about the problem with treatment options.

  • Bunions
  • Claw Toe
  • Digital Deformity
  • Hallux Limitus
  • Hallux Rigidis
  • Hallux Varus
  • Hammer Toes
  • Overlapping or Underlapping toes
  • Intoeing
  • Subungal Exotosis (bone spur under toenail)

Digital Deformity

List of disorder affects joints of the toe, causing pain and making it ill function. People of all age can go through toe problem. It can be inherited or acquired.

In adults toes deformity is due to imbalance of the tendons, causing them to stretch or tighten abnormally. People having abnormally long toes, flat feet, or high arches have a more chance to develop toe deformities.

Major cause of discomfort and deformity is arthritis. Toe deformity can be aggravated by fractured toe heals which is poor position or poorly fitting footwear.

The list of most common digital deformities are hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes, bone spurs, overlapping and under lapping toes, and curled toes.


Intoeing is a condition caused by curving inward of the feet when walking or running. Young children normally outgrow this condition without special shoes.

Subungal Exotosis

Subungual Exostosis is also called as bone spur under toenail. They cause due to trauma to the toe, forming a bony irregularity or prominence. They are generally treated by surgical removal.

Other tumors called Osteochondromas and Enchondromas can also form in the bone beneath the toenail as well as in other bones in the body.


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