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Dr. Leonard Silverberg graduated Pre-Med from the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. In 1963, then gradated Podiatry at Illinois College of Podiatry Medicine, Chicago. In 1968, Illinois presently name Dr. Seloll’s School of Podiatric Medicine. Then practices Podiatry medicine in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, while waiting to take California state board examines in podiatry. In 1970, he is licensed from California state board.

Then, Dr. Silverberg practice podiatry for 21 years at East Los Angeles, serving the Spanish community for their foot problems. In 1999 Dr. opened his own Podiatry office in the city of San Fernando, In the San Fernando Valley. By 2006, next office at East Los Angeles, California. By 2007, new podiatry office at Maywood, California.

He is routinely attending continuing education seminars and CPR courses on a 2 yearly basis to maintain the Podiatry license.

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